An Omnichannel Contact Center service to suit you

We have a team familiar with the attention of various contact channels and achievement of objectives for your company.
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Talent y technology

At Interact we integrate cutting edge platforms developed by our talent; complementing with highly trained personnel so that you provide your clients with the experience they expect; choose the best option.


Optimize your contact processes

Increase your sales

Mark the difference with your competition

Position yourself in the market

Improve the relationship with your customers


CX Digital

Digital care services with trained personnel; security and confidence in the authenticity of the user and video attention services that improve the customer experience.

CX Management

PBack-office process; accounts payable management; validation of Help Desk processes and Help Desk operations.

OP Analysis

Advanced information analysis to improve the user experience, optimization of processes with technology and Digital Transformation of your business.

Management and attention of leads

Social Media Lead Management that generates business for brands; Analysis of Information to improve digital strategy.

Why interact?


Advanced Operational Management through specialist personnel in your business niche.


High Availability, guaranteeing 99.99% continuity.


Our efficiency, the approach of objectives and our SLA's are our brand promise.


4 First Contact Resolution and focused on the NPS, we are interested in the satisfaction of your customers.


Each campaign is certified and taken to the Global CIG Model.


We integrate the necessary contact channels according to the needs of our clients.

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