Data Voice Productivity, the Omnichannel Communication Solution.

Provide your customers with a true contact experience with our Productivity solution. All channels, all control.
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Omnichannel Communication

Data Voice Productivity is a technological platform for Omnichannel Communication that concentrates, improves, and facilitates the attention you provide to your customers; It is designed to integrate and attend to the different contact channels of your company, as well as to assign, monitor and record the different interactions for total control.

Facilitate, improve, and control the service you provide to your customers.


Data Voice Productivity offers you total management of your contact channels, being able to serve different media on a single platform.

Calls (Inbound and Outbound)

Receive calls to your contact center or use our outbound tools to make automatic calls from a Database.


Serve your customers in real time from a conversation window, where an agent can send and receive messages, images and files.


Categorize and organize your inbox according to your customers or filter them to contact them in bulk.

Video call

Connect with customers anywhere in the world in seconds; In addition to listening to them, you can also see them.

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Facebook / Instagram

Get more direct and immediate interaction with all your customers through the world's most popular digital channels.


Monitor your presence on social media and get in touch with customers in real time through short messages “tweets” or direct messages “dm”.


Provide quality customer service, in addition to disseminating relevant information to your customers, through one of the fastest growing channels.


Communicate with your clients in a quick and easy way; Share any multimedia content such as photos, videos, documents or files, voice notes or audios.

Why productivity?

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Reduce response time.

Reduce the response time of your interactions by 30% compared to handling them on separate platforms.

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Optimize your team's performance.

Improve the productivity of your work team by up to 25%, by using only one technological tool to attend to the interactions received.

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Increase the sales of your company.

Implement omnichannel strategies that allow you to track your prospects on time and lead to an increase in your closings.

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Improve the experience you provide to your customers.

Integrate all your customer conversations, and keep in mind the entire customer journey, as well as the history of requests to have a comprehensive context.

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