Data Voice IP PBX Cloud is the Digital Telephony solution.

Integrate different types of telephony systems and get the most out of communication, keeping your company's communication at the forefront.
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Hibryd Telephony

Data Voice IP PBX Cloud is a hybrid equipment capable of handling both digital trunks and SIP trunks, allowing the coexistence of telephony of different carriers and configure inbound or outbound business rules (for dial plans or branches). In addition, we have a wide range of IP telephony products of our own, with cutting-edge technology developed by our engineers, to meet the needs of our customers, ensuring to be at the forefront of telecommunications.

Solutions Portfolio

  • Switch Solutions - IP Switches.
  • Specialists in Asterisk - Open Source.
  • Systems for recording telephone conversations.
  • Intelligent Call Reception and Distribution (ACD) applications.
  • Operators / answering machines (IVR's).
  • Robotic solutions for delivery of preconfigured and personalized mass messages in all formats (voice, SMS, mail).
  • Telephony, data, telecom consulting, etc. solutions.


  • Recording of personalized messages for voice mails.
  • Recording of messages for each VoIP extension by status (Unavailable, away, busy, absent).
  • Call recording.
  • Call transfer.
  • Remote call taking.
  • Call waiting support.
  • Three-way communication.
  • Caller ID support between extensions and for external calls.
  • Multiple conferencing between local extensions and external calls.
  • Background music configuration for internal (between extensions) and external calls using MP3 files.
Favicon IP PBX
  • Support for video conferencing between VoIP switch extensions.
  • Support for remote office extensions via the Internet.
  • Blacklist for blocking unwanted numbers.
  • Date and time information and extension number.
  • Call typing.
  • Productivity reports.
  • Monitoring of connected extensions.
  • Attendance report of logged extensions.
  • Traffic consumption pricing.
  • User segmentation by supervisor, managers and addresses.



SIP IAX2 (for office connections or remote extensions).


PIN per extension or user for external dialing.

Password for different types of dialing.

Call blocking to certain numbers or areas.

Password and user validation for DISA access.

Permission profile for configuration and monitoring.

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G729, G711u & g711a (Fax & internal dialing services), GSM, iLbc, G723


Support of various Softphones (software phones on PC or mobile) Softphones on Windows XP, 2000, Me, 98, MacOSx, Windows Mobile & iPhone & Linux.

VoIP phones of any brand supporting SIP or IAX standard.

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